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Quality is my #1 Goal!

With over 20 years years in the trade, I have a passion for what I do. Instead of having to replace a lot of materials, I will repair what you already have -- and I will guarantee my work. As a former Navy serviceman, I have learned not only how to have pride in my work, but to give the proper service to you, my customer. My work is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to your pocketbook. I am "green friendly" as well, protecting your investment and the environment. Patios, steps, walkways -- Mark's Masonary and Repair -- I can get these done for you today!


I am highly focused on doing a quality job that will last for years. I regularly see unprofessional repairs that have been previously performed by others, often at great expense.  A lot of the work I do is professionally repairing masonry structures that have been patched two or three times, or incorrectly built in the first place.  Let me do it right and help save you future expense!

Mark Arsenault, Mason and Artisan

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