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 Mark's Masonry Repairs & Restoration specializes in residential and commercial construction, repair and restoration. We serve the MA area and beyond, on projects ranging from new construction to both small and large repair and renovation jobs. We take great pride in not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations.  We are committed to completing your project on time and on budget. Our job isn't complete until we know that you are truly satisfied with our results. I specialize in all aspects of masonry and concrete repair and all aspects of masonry restoration for 25 years. whatever your needs we can help.  masonry restoration and concrete repairs should be done by an expert. Ive worked in the masonry industry for over 25 years whatever your needs are, I can help with whatever project you are looking to complete. you can contact me directly too schedule an appointment. if you are selling your home and you need minor or major restoration or repairs I can help you find the most cost effect way to resolve your issue before selling. sometimes the simplest attention to detail can deter or welcome a potential home buyer. If your home has significant mildew from weather, I can make it good as new. If you own a home and are looking for new brick stairs, field stone stairs, a new walkway, or you old walkway touched up or rebuilt, I can help you. If you have an old set of concrete stairs i can veneer them with natural stone, or I can clean them and just repair where needed.if you have an old brick fireplace, I can veneer with new updated stone. If you need you fireplace fixed, don't hesitate to contact me. you will be surprised how affordable repairs and restoration can be. I look forward to hearing from you

Mark's Masonry Repairs & Restoration will assist you at every stage, from preconstruction through completion. Learn more about the services we provide. We're proud of our achievements. Visit our projects page and photo gallery to explore our portfolio and see a sampling of our completed work.

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